Fujitsu image scanner fi 8290 review

FUJITSU Image Scanner Fi-8290

The Fujitsu Image Scanner Fi-8290 is a high-performance document scanner designed for heavy-duty scanning applications in enterprise and professional environments. Here are some key features and information about the Fujitsu Fi-8290:

Scanning Capability: The Fi-8290 is a high-speed, sheet-fed scanner capable of scanning a wide range of documents, including standard letter-sized pages, legal-sized documents, A3 documents, and even larger formats. It can handle various types of documents, such as invoices, contracts, photos, and more.

Speed: This scanner is designed for efficiency and can scan up to 220 pages per minute (PPM) in color or grayscale, making it suitable for large-scale scanning tasks.

Fujitsu image scanner fi 8290 review

Optical Resolution: The Fi-8290 offers an optical resolution of up to 600 dpi, ensuring excellent image quality for your scanned documents and images.

Automatic Document Feeder (ADF): It comes equipped with a high-capacity ADF that can hold up to 500 sheets of paper, reducing the need for constant manual feeding.

Paper Handling: The scanner can handle a wide range of paper sizes and types, including mixed batches of documents. It is equipped with features like automatic page size detection and deskewing to ensure accurate and reliable scanning.

Connectivity: The Fi-8290 typically connects to your computer using a high-speed USB interface for data transfer.

Imaging Technology: Fujitsu incorporates advanced imaging technologies, such as PaperStream IP and PaperStream Capture, to enhance image quality and improve scanning performance. These technologies help with automatic image cleanup and enhancement.

Compatibility: The Fujitsu Fi-8290 scanner is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems.

Intelligent Features: It includes features like automatic color detection, automatic blank page removal, and automatic rotation, which help streamline the scanning process and improve productivity.

Advanced Capture Software: Fujitsu typically provides advanced capture software with its high-end scanners, allowing for efficient document management, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for creating searchable PDFs, and integration with various document management systems.

Dimensions: The scanner is designed for professional use and may have larger dimensions compared to smaller office scanners. The exact dimensions may vary, but it's generally a sizable machine designed for heavy-duty scanning.

Duplex Scanning: The Fi-8290 can perform automatic duplex scanning, allowing it to scan both sides of a document simultaneously, further improving scanning efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly: Fujitsu scanners often adhere to energy-efficient and environmentally friendly design principles, and the Fi-8290 may be ENERGY STAR compliant.

  • Brand: Fujitsu
  • Page Size: A4
  • Resolution: 600 dpi
  • Compatibility: Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP
  • Scanning Speed: 90 ppm
  • Feeder Capacity: 100 Sheets
  • Optical Technology: Contact Image Sensor (CIS), Charged Coupled Device (CCD)
  • Network: Yes
  • Scan-To Capabilities: PC
  • Driver: TWAIN, ISIS
  • Warranty Length: 12-Month Standard
  • Colour Type: Colour, Greyscale, Black & White
  • Scanning Side: Duplex (Double Sided)
  • Weight: 8.8kg
  • Width: 300mm
  • Length: 577mm
  • Height: 234mm
  • Feeder Type: 2-in-1 (Both)

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