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Thursday 12 October 2023

BROTHER Document Scanner ADS-4900W


The BROTHER Document Scanner ADS-4900W is a high-speed document scanner designed for businesses and individuals who require efficient and reliable document digitization. Below are some key features and specifications of the BROTHER ADS-4900W:

Wireless Connectivity: The ADS-4900W comes with built-in wireless connectivity, allowing you to easily connect the scanner to your network and scan documents without the need for a direct physical connection to your computer.

High-Speed Scanning: This scanner is capable of scanning at high speeds, which can be especially useful for businesses that need to process large volumes of documents quickly. It can scan up to 50 pages per minute (ppm) in both color and black-and-white.

Duplex Scanning: The scanner supports automatic duplex (double-sided) scanning, saving you time and effort when scanning two-sided documents.

Versatile Paper Handling: It can handle a wide range of document types, including business cards, receipts, long documents, and more, with a maximum paper size of up to 8.5 x 196 inches.

Advanced Image Processing: The scanner includes features like automatic image optimization, background removal, and blank page removal, which help improve the quality of scanned documents.

Multiple Scan Destinations: You can scan documents directly to various destinations, including email, network folders, FTP/SFTP, cloud storage services (such as Dropbox and Google Drive), and mobile devices.

Compatible Software: BROTHER provides software tools like Brother iPrint&Scan, Brother Control Center, and Nuance PaperPort SE (Windows) or PageManager (Mac) for enhanced document management and organization.

Touchscreen Display: The ADS-4900W features a color touchscreen display that makes it easy to navigate and configure scanning settings.

Security Features: It offers security features such as Secure Function Lock and Active Directory Authentication for controlling access to the scanner and protecting sensitive data.

TWAIN and ISIS Support: It supports TWAIN and ISIS drivers, which are commonly used in document management applications, allowing for seamless integration with various software solutions.

ENERGY STAR Certified: The scanner is designed to be energy-efficient, helping you reduce your environmental footprint and save on energy costs.

Mobile Scanning: With mobile scanning apps, you can wirelessly scan documents directly to your smartphone or tablet, making it convenient to digitize documents while on the go.

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