Printer Avision AM7640i Laser Multifunctional

After further research, it seems that the Avision AM7640i is a high-speed document scanner rather than a printer. Avision is indeed known for their document scanners, and the AM7640i is one of their models. Here are some general details about the Avision AM7640i scanner:

Scanning Performance: The Avision AM7640i is designed for high-speed scanning, capable of processing a large number of documents quickly. It often features a high duty cycle and is suitable for high-volume scanning environments.

Duplex Scanning: The scanner supports duplex scanning, allowing it to scan both sides of a document simultaneously. This feature improves scanning efficiency for double-sided documents.

Scanning Resolution: The scanner likely offers high-resolution scanning capabilities, typically measured in dots per inch (dpi). Higher resolutions result in sharper and more detailed scans.

Document Feeding: The AM7640i typically includes an Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that allows for multiple pages to be loaded at once. This enables batch scanning without the need for manual intervention.

Connectivity: The scanner may offer various connectivity options such as USB or Ethernet, allowing it to be connected to a computer or network for data transfer.

Software and Features: Avision scanners often come with bundled software that provides additional features and functionality. This may include Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software for converting scanned documents into editable text, as well as other document management and image enhancement tools.

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Printer Avision AM7640i Laser Multifunctional

It's important to note that specific features and specifications of the Avision AM7640i may vary, and it's always best to refer to the manufacturer's documentation or contact Avision directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information about this particular model.


AM76 series deb_32bit 4.73 MB Ubuntu , Linux Mint , Debian GNU/Linux , etc... Download
AM76 series deb_64bit 5.14 MB Ubuntu , Linux Mint , Debian GNU/Linux , etc... Download
AM76 series rpm_32bit 4.73 MB Fedora , openSUSE , CentOS(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) , etc... Download
AM76 series rpm_64bit 5.14 MB Fedora , openSUSE , CentOS(Red Hat Enterprise Linux) , etc... Download
AM7640i V5.70 43.7 MB Win 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11 Download

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