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With the FB25 and FB15 flatbed scanners, Avision presents two new models that are also said to be suitable for scanning slides and photos. The FB25 can process formats up to A4, the FB 15 up to A5. With a scanning time between 1 and 1.5 seconds, the manufacturer recommends a daily volume of up to 2500 pages. Thanks to LED technology, both devices are said to be ready for immediate use without warm-up time. The FB25 is available for 179 Euros, the FB15 for 159 Euros.

Press release by Avision Europe GmbH:

Slim, fast and efficient - high-quality A4 and A5 scans of documents, photos and slides - Avision presents two new ultra-slim flatbed scanners FB25 and FB15 for small businesses or the home office.

+++ A4 or A5 scanning area +++ CIS technology +++ max. optical resolution 1,200 dpi +++ scanning time only 1.5 or 1 second (300 dpi) +++ recommended daily volume up to 2,500 pages +++ colour depth: 40 bits input/24 bits output +++ USB 2.0 interface +++ weight: 1.8kg or 1.3kg +++ large software package included +++ RRP Avision FB25 179,- Euro incl. VAT and RRP Avision FB15 159,- Euro incl. VAT +++

Avision FB15 Driver

Willich, 08.12.2022: In some industries and sectors, high-quality scans are particularly important. Then the quality of the often mediocre scan units in multifunction devices is not sufficient. If there are no large quantities of scans to be made, the use of a high-quality tray scanner can therefore make sense in everyday office life. With its two new models FB25 and FB15 from the Slim series, scanner expert Avision introduces two new, powerful and ultra-slim flatbed scanners for small businesses as well as for home use. These scanners can also be used to digitise bound documents, magazines and books, as well as ID cards, passports or other originals that cannot be processed by a feeder scanner.

While the Avision FB25 has an A4 scan area of 216 x 297 mm, the Avision FB15 has an A5 scan area of 219.5 x 182 mm. The FB25 weighs 1.8 kg and is 45 mm high, while the FB15 weighs only 1.5 kg and is just 42 mm high. There are also small differences in scanning time: to digitise an A4 page in colour and 300dpi, the FB25 needs only 1.5 seconds, while the FB15 needs only one second for an A5 page. All other technical features are identical for both models.

With a maximum optical resolution of 1200 dpi, both the FB25 and the FB15 achieve a colour depth of 48 bits input and 24 bits output respectively. Both models feature CIS technology, which is very power-saving, fast and cost-effective thanks to the LEDs used. In addition, the scanners do not require any warm-up time and are ready for use immediately after being switched on. Both newcomers also have a USB 2.0 interface.

The Avision FB25 and Avision FB15 come with the TWAIN and WIA drivers, which ensure compatibility with a wide range of scanning and imaging software, as well as PaperPort SE14 document organisation software. Avision's easy-to-use TWAIN driver offers many useful features for scan optimisation such as image quality, automatic colour detection, colour correction, document clean-up etc.... Automatic cropping of scanned documents allows multiple images to be created from one scan and optimises time. The colour fidelity of the scanned images is already guaranteed with the standard settings (ICC profile). For colour suppression, any colours can be selected as colour filters. Inverting or mirroring motifs is also very easy to realise.

The additional software Nuance PaperPort SE14 offers an easy way to organise, search and exchange all printed PDF and digital documents as well as photos. In combination with the new FB25 and FB15 flatbed scanners, PaperPort SE14 is the perfect solution for the home office or small office.

The Avision FB25 A4 flatbed scanner is available from specialist retailers now for a recommended retail price of €179 including VAT.

The A5 flatbed scanner Avision FB15 is available for a recommended retail price of 159,- Euro incl. VAT.

Technical data: Avision FB25 and FB15

  • Avision FB25 Avision FB15
  • Scan speed (A4 300dpi in colour) 1.5s
  • 3,5s (incl. return) 1,0s
  • 3.0s (incl. reverse)
  • Scanning technology CIS CIS
  • Light source LED LED
  • Colour depth 48 bits input / 24 bits output 48 bits input / 24 bits output
  • Optical resolution 1200 dpi 1200 dpi
  • Scan size Max. 216 x 297 mm Max. 219.5 x 182 mm
  • Interface USB 2.0 (cable included) USB 2.0 (cable included)
  • Driver TWAIN / WIA TWAIN / WIA
  • Power consumption Ready: <16W
  • Sleep: <3.4W
  • Off: <0.3W Ready: <4W
  • Sleep: <2W
  • Off: <0.3W
  • Operating environment Room temperature: 10°C-35°C
  • Room humidity: 10% to 85% Room temperature: 10°C-35°C
  • Room humidity: 10% to 85
  • Noise level Standby: < 45 dB
  • Operation: < 50 dB Standby: < 45 dB
  • Operation: < 50 dB
  • Dimensions / Weight 284 x 401 x 44 mm / 1.8kg 280 x 270 x 42 mm / 1.3kg
  • Recommended number of daily scans Up to 2500 pages Up to 2500 pages
  • CPU Min. Intel i3 (2.1GHz) Min. Intel i3 (2.1GHz)
  • Memory (RAM) 2GB (32bit Windows)
  • 4GB (64bit Windows) 2GB (32bit Windows)
  • 4GB (64bit Windows)
  • Interface USB USB
  • Operating system Windows 11/10/8/7 Windows 11/10/8/7
  • Hardware scanner, USB cable, Quick Guide Scanner, USB cable, Quick Guide
  • Software Driver (TWAIN), PaperPort SE14 Driver (TWAIN), PaperPort SE15
FB15 VB.20 32.40 MB Win 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11 Download

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