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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Acer Aspire a111-31 Laptop Review


The Acer Aspire 3 A311 is the right laptop for you. This laptop is perfect for daily work such as browsing, email, chatting, streaming, and working with Office applications. Fast performance is also supported by efficient battery consumption, so this laptop can last longer than usual. Definitely suitable for those of you who like to work outdoors.

The main advantage of the Acer Aspire 3 A311 is its affordable price. This pocket-friendly price is also supported by specifications that can be relied on for daily work. The Acer Aspire A311 is powered by an Intel Celeron N4000 processor that has a clock speed of up to 2.6 GHz. The power consumption of this processor is also quite low so it is guaranteed not to drain the laptop battery quickly. The fast processor is also equipped with 4GB RAM and 500 GB HDD internal memory.

ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop is one of the laptops that can be said to have quite superior performance in its various aspects. The following we will discuss about this Laptop laptop starting from the ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop Price and every aspect it has.

Acer Aspire a111-31 Laptop Review


Starting with the processor, the ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop can already be said to be a laptop that can run processes quite quickly. This is because this laptop already uses an Intel Celeron N4000 Dual-core processor that can reach speeds of 1.1 GHz. With the processor used, the laptop can run and respond quite well to any given command.


In the ram section, the ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop already uses the type of RAM that we often hear used on laptops that have above-average capabilities, namely DDR4 type RAM. The DDR4 RAM has a spur room capacity of up to 4 GB. This high enough RAM capacity has a very good impact on the existing system management process. Because 4 GB of space can be used to run various applications or various software.

For example, when we run several software simultaneously. For example, we open a browser while typing in Microsoft Word and while also doing the music playback process. Then the existing system will continue to run well. In addition to having a spur money capacity of 4 GB, this laptop RAM capacity can still be increased to 8 GB if needed.

Screen Size

On the screen, this laptop has the right size of 11.6 inches. And on this 11.6-inch screen size, the laptop is already supported with a fairly high screen resolution, namely 1366 X 768 pixels. In addition, the screen of the ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop is a Full HD AntiGlare type screen. The combination or combination of the right screen size, high enough resolution, and this type of screen is quite sophisticated, can produce a screen that can give its own impression to the visualization aspects of laptop users.

Laptop Dimensions and Weight

This ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 laptop has dimensions that can be said to be quite fitting, namely 291 mm x 211 mm x 20.95 mm. This fitting dimension makes it easier to move because it can be lifted easily by the user, when having to move the laptop from one place to another. Besides being easy to move, this laptop also has a period that is not too heavy or can also be said to be light. That is only 1.25 kg, so you will not be tired of lifting this laptop to be moved.

Laptop Graphics Capabilities

This ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 laptop already has quite high graphics capabilities because it already uses an Intel Ultra HD Graphics 600 type graphics card. The graphics card can make the laptop's graphics aspect quite high because it can expand the screen display provided. It can also provide colors with the right composition so that it gives a fairly luxurious impression on the visualization aspect.


This laptop uses HDD type storage where the storage capacity owned by the ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop is 500 GB. With this large enough storage, we can store various files quite freely. Because, if the files that we will store in the form of video or movie image documents and also data from various software that we use, then 500 GB of storage can be said to be more than enough.

But if the storage is still deemed insufficient, then one way out that can be done is to provide an additional hard drive. The hard drive can be used to store the required data. because this laptop is also equipped with a USB port that can transfer data quite quickly.

Connectivity and Operating System

In the connectivity section, this laptop already uses Wifi 802.11ac wireless LAN type. which Wifi allows you to access the internet quite quickly. Because this type of Wifi is a type of Wifi that has not been published for too long. For the operating system used by this ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop, it already uses the 64-bit Windows 10 Home SL operating system. So that it becomes quite familiar to Indonesian users. Because we all know that the majority of Indonesian laptop users use the Windows operating system.

Audio and video

In the audio and video section, this ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop is equipped with technology that is quite supportive. Starting from the use of a webcam camera that has a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. Which can produce pretty good images or recordings. Then this laptop is also equipped with two speakers and a digital type microphone. Which makes us able to enjoy the sound quite well produced through the two speakers. As well as making us able to record sound quite well through the use of the digital type microphone.

Input and output connections

This laptop has input and output connections that are quite complete, namely 2 USB ports version 3.0, 1 USB port version 2.0, 1 HDMI port, and an sd card reader or card reader port. The two types of usb ports owned by the ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop have a significant difference, because the USB version 3.0 can deliver or run faster file transfers than the USB port version 2.0. And of the three USB ports owned by this laptop, two ports are USB type or version 3.0, so you have more facilities for data transfer at a fairly high speed.


Li-Polymer 2-cell 4810 mAh battery is the battery used in this ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop. The battery can be said to meet the needs of standard use because the battery can be used for a maximum of 6.5 hours. So you can use it long enough in areas that do not have electricity. In addition, the battery also uses a 45 W adapter.

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Based on every aspect provided by this laptop, starting from RAM, Processor, Graphics Capability, laptop size, connectivity, input output relationships and various other aspects that this laptop has. Then this ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop can be said to be very appropriate when offered at a price that is only in the range of 3.6 million. Therefore, for those of you who are looking or hunting for a laptop that has high enough capabilities with a budget under 4 million, this ACER ASPIRE 3 A311-31 Laptop is one of the right laptop choices for you.

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