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Dell Inspiron 7490 Review: A display on a good laptop-The arrival of the 10th Generation Intel Core processors has made several notebook lines undergo updates. This is also what the Dell Inspiron 7490 gets. Still having a similar design to the previous generation, the update is more aimed at the use of components.

This notebook has compact dimensions. The weight is light, only 1.21 kg. The body uses a magnesium alloy frame wrapped in polycarbonate. With a silver color, it still looks premium.

Designed for multimedia needs, the screen uses an IPS panel that has a better display than TN panels. The viewing angle is also wider and still comfortable to see from various sides. The design is also interesting, the screen has a fairly thin bezel size on various sides. This makes the dimensions look like a 13-inch notebook.

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The keyboard area comes with a minimalist design. The keys have a white backlight that has two levels of brightness. However, we felt that the backlight was not bright enough and evenly distributed on the letters. This makes the keys not clearly visible when used in spaces with poor lighting.

The power button is integrated with the keyboard and is located at the top right corner. Interestingly, this button also functions as a fingerprint scanner that supports Windows Hello. The sensor works fast enough to respond to fingerprints.

Dell Inspiron 7490 comes with a 10th Generation Intel Core processor, Comet Lake U, Intel Core i7-10510U that has a turbo up to 4.9 GHz; coupled with 16 GB of main memory and a fast 512 GB PCI-Express SSD storage media. This makes it ideal for running contemporary applications, multimedia, and multitasking.
For secure access to Windows, the power button also functions as a fingerprint sensor.

Interestingly, there is an application called Dell Power Manager. From here users can determine the performance of the system, especially the processor, with four scenario options. This option is in the Thermal Management category, which consists of Optimized, Cool, Quiet, and Ultra Performance options. For ideal performance, you can choose the Optimized scenario. This option will balance performance and temperature. The system will work optimally, but when the temperature starts to rise, the clock frequency will be adjusted, and the fan will work more to cool the processor.

To see the performance, as usual we ran several test applications whose results can be seen in the table. When compared to other notebooks with similar specifications that we have tested before, the Dell Inspiron 7490 is slightly superior.

We also tested it by doing a stress test. This test not only aims to see how high the running frequency is, but also to see how far the temperature is generated and how the cooling system works.

By activating Ultra Performance mode, the processor immediately speeds up with a working frequency around 4.2 GHz. However, the temperature was immediately observed to be high at around 95° C. Not long after, the system lowered the processor's working frequency to the range of 3.1 GHz - 3.3 GHz and the temperature was observed to be lower at 78° - 79° C. This condition was stable until 15 minutes of testing.

This means that the performance is good as the working frequency is still high and above the base clock. The cooling system is also good because when it's hot, the fan spins faster to lower the temperature. Although, the fan becomes noisier. But please note that this stress test condition rarely occurs when running real applications.

As a notebook for work and multimedia needs, the graphics performance is also quite good thanks to the inclusion of NVIDIA GeForce MX250. Although it is not specialized for gaming, its performance can still be used to run light games.

The U-series processor prioritizes power efficiency, as evidenced by the fairly economical battery usage. The test we conducted using two scenarios went well. The Dell Inspiron 7490 lasted up to 9 hours and 40 minutes in the Full HD movie viewing test. This means, on average, you can use it to watch about six movies without the help of an adapter. Meanwhile, the second scenario by running simulated office applications through PCMark 10 with the Modern Office scenario, this notebook was able to last up to 13 hours 53 minutes.


Dell Inspiron 7490 offers an interesting combination of portability, fast performance, and strong battery life. Not only is it suitable for office work, but it's also compact and portable, making it ideal for those who work on the go.

Pluses: Compact and lightweight, high performance, keyboard with backlight, fingerprint sensor on the power button, good battery life, supports DisplayPort and Thunderbolt 3.

Minuses: The keyboard backlight is not bright enough.

Specifications Dell Inspiron 7490

  • Intel Core i7-10510U processor (quad core HT 1.8 GHz, turbo 4.9 GHz)
  • 16 GB LPDDR3-2133 RAM
  • Chipset Integrated on processor
  • Intel UHD Graphics + NVIDIA GeForce MX250 2 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
  • PCI-Express 3.0 x4 512 GB SSD storage media
  • Facilities Wi-Fi 802.11ax, Bluetooth 5.0, 2 x USB 3.1 Gen 1 Standard-A, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C (supports Thunderbolt 3, DisplayPort, power charging), HDMI, SD card reader, audio, webcam
  • 14″ IPS 1,920 x 1,080 pixel display
  • Realtek sound card
  • Windows 10 Home Single Language 64 bit operating system
  • 52 Wh battery
  • Dimensions/weight 31.97 x 20.59 x 1.49~1.796 cm/1.21 kg
  • 2-year warranty
  • Website
  • Price (range) IDR 21,999,000

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DBUtil Removal Utility CRITICAL Security 02 Aug 2021

Dell Command | Deploy Driver Pack RECOMMENDED Systems Management 25 May 2021

Dell Inspiron 7490 System BIOS CRITICAL BIOS 11 Oct 2022

Dell Mobile Connect Driver RECOMMENDED Application 07 Feb 2022

Dell Mobile Connect Driver RECOMMENDED Application 13 Apr 2020

Dell Power Manager Service RECOMMENDED Systems Management 19 Jan 2023

Dell Security Advisory Update - DSA-2020-059 CRITICAL Security 27 Apr 2020

Dell SmartByte Application OPTIONAL Application 26 Sep 2022

Dell SupportAssist OS Recovery Plugin for Dell Update RECOMMENDED Application 25 Jan 2023

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Dell Update Windows Universal Application RECOMMENDED Application 31 Jan 2023

Dell/Alienware Digital Delivery Application RECOMMENDED Application 05 Dec 2022

DisplayLink Dock Driver RECOMMENDED Docks/Stands 02 Jul 2021

Dolby Vision Panel Driver OPTIONAL Application 19 Aug 2019

Fusion Service RECOMMENDED System Utilities 30 Jan 2023

Gemalto eSIM Firmware Driver RECOMMENDED Modem/Communications 19 Aug 2019

Goodix Fingerprint Sensor Driver RECOMMENDED Security 06 Nov 2019

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Intel Graphics User Interface Application RECOMMENDED Video 14 Sep 2021

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