AVISION AV332 Driver Download

AVISION AV332 Driver Download-AVISION AV332 is easy to carry and place on the table without taking up much space. AVISION AV332 offers a unique and stylish design, can scan documents up to Folio size (F4), has a scan speed of 32 sheets/minute and a paper capacity of 50 sheets suitable for scanning sheet documents

Avision AV332 is equipped with OCR, a program that functions to convert image files (images) into text files (*.txt). OCR technology was developed so that computers can recognize and translate written characters on physical documents which can then be saved & edited again in digital format (Word/Excel).

AVISION AV332 Driver Download

Can scan long paper up to 6M in one scan process.

With a high optical resolution of 600 dpi and advanced image processing technology, Provides excellent scan results. In addition, with the built-in CIS (Contact Image Sensor) module, the AV332 requires no warm-up time.

Avision Scanner provides a feature that makes it easier for you to save scan results directly to various digital formats with just one press of a button. Scan results can be converted into 18 digital formats, namely: PDF, Multiple PDF, Searchable PDF, DOC (Ms.Word), XLSX, XLS (Ms.Excel), TXT, PNG, JPEG, Multiple TIFF, TIFF, GIFF, BMP, HTML , PPT, PPTX, XPS & RTF.


World Card Team V3.0.0.0(WCT) 235 MB Win 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11 Download
ButtonManager V2 V3.0.0.0 595 MB Win 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11 Download
AVScan X V1.2.1.1 549.70 MB Win 7 , Win 8 , Win 10 , Win 11 Download


AV332U VB.20 139 MB Win 7, Win 8 , Win 10 Download

If you are looking to download drivers for an Avision product such as a scanner, you can visit the link website to find the appropriate drivers for your specific device.
  • You should be able to find the driver download page by visiting the link Avision website, and then navigating to the "Support" or "Downloads" section. Once you are on the driver download page, you will need to select your product model and the operating system that you are using in order to download the correct driver for your device.
  • You can also try searching for your specific model number and adding "driver download" in a search engine to find any possible link where you can download the specific driver for your device.
Please keep in mind that, on the event that you can't find the specific driver, you can contact Avision support team for assistance.

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