KODAK 605 Photo Printer Driver Download

KODAK 605 Photo Printer Driver Download

Kodak Photo Printer 605 can be classified as a printer that is used to print photos, therefore the technology used also puts forward the results compared to speed. If you want to set up a Photobooth outlet, Kodak Photo Printer 605 can be used as one of the printer options that you will use later. A pretty good and durable result is one of the considerations. However, some people find that behind good image quality, prints from Kodak Photo Printer 605 are very easy to scratch. For this one issue we have not dared to confirm if there is a problem with thermal smears or image quality from Kodak 605.

KODAK 605 Photo Printer

Kodak Photo Printer Inside Kodak Photo Printer 605
We also assess if this one Photobooth printer produces noise that is quite noisy when performing operations. But, we believe that this does not disturb your Photobooth consumers at all. When compared to the type of printer used in Photobooth, Kodak Photo Printer 605 is the lowest sound printer.

Customers hope that the problems with the Kodak 6800 and 6850 have been fixed when Kodak launches this Kodak 605 product. We also consider that the new product is much lighter and easier to move even though the shape is not small and tends to be large.

In just 18.5 seconds, 605 Kodak Photo Printers can print high quality, 15x20cm in size with shiny, waterproof and lasts a lifetime. In addition Kodak 605 Photo Printer can print size 10x15cm in just 11 seconds.

Kodak 605 Photo Printer produces up to 375 prints of 15x20cm or 13x18cm, and 750 10x15cm size prints, without operator intervention.

Overall Kodak Photo Printer 605 is a pretty good product with sufficient features for a Photobooth printer.

Advantages: The printing capability of Kodak 605 is no longer in doubt, this is a printer with high printing capabilities. With a pretty slim shape design, this printer is conveniently placed anywhere. Print quality that is very high quality and fast, can increase the efficiency of Photobooth entrepreneurs. This printer is suitable for those of you who really expect good results.

Weaknesses: We are very upset with the possibility of a paper jam and this is not recommended for a print studio that is committed to producing images quickly.

KODAK 605 Photo Printer Driver Download

Operating System (s) : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Win Xp
This firmware version improves ribbon and paper transport.
Operating System
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