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Tuesday, September 18, 2018



This Little Camera Reportedly Professional? But…
Compared to the popularity of Canon or Nikon, Sony can indeed be said to be in the standard category. But among the three, the author always believes that Sony's construction is the best. And this is not the author's personal opinion, but the results of the survey that the author did to some photography and vlogger activists of course. And remember - this is only for the Sony casual series, you know, not the Sony Alpha A9 body, which the writer is about to discuss.

The sensor offered is even much smaller than α7 RII
It is predicted that it will visit the homeland market with up to 65-70 million just for the body of the device, the high price of the Sony Alpha A9 body is indeed successful in making the eyes of casual users wide open to hear it. But unique, so compared with Sony α7 RII specifications - the price of the Sony Alpha A9 is cheap body is actually no better you know. And after the investigation has been carried out, the price of this Sony Alpha A9 cheap body turned out to only carry the power of the Back Illuminated Full-Frame CMOS sensor of 24 MP only. Surprising indeed, especially if up to the price of the Sony Alpha A9 cheap body is predicted as a professional camera whose segment is above α7 RII. Whatever it is, it has been proven that a high sensor scale does not guarantee the superiority of a camera.


The Lack of Camera Sensors Has an Impact on Image Capture Speed
Especially if true, that behind the 24.2 MP sensor belongs to the price of the Sony Alpha A9 this cheap body has hidden special memory that will optimize the speed of shooting from the Sony Alpha A9 cheap body up to 20 fps. The more obvious, not only the lack of shutter lag - the price of the Sony Alpha A9 body is also predicted to reduce excessive distortion effects, due to the effect of the shutter shock. And coupled with the optimization in the AF sector which now offers 2x AF-points better up to 693 points, OFV capabilities are more accurate up to 3,868 million points, EFV-based touchscreen display panels, up to 2.2x larger battery capacity - Sony Alpha A9 The body proved to be a successful professional camera.


Model:ILCE-9/Operating System:Windows® 10

Date: 11/17/2008
Version: n/a
Size: 7.43 MB

ILCE-9 Camera Firmware Update

Model:ILCE-9/Operating System:
Windows® 10
Date: 9/11/2018
Version: 3.10
Size: 279.49 MB

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