Fujitsu Image Scanner Fi-7160: Enjoy New Scanning Ways

Fujitsu Image Scanner Fi-7160: Enjoy New Scanning Ways-after reviewing another type of scanner from Fujitsu, now turn type Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-7160. This Fujitsu scanner series is perfect for both personal and office needs.

Features of Fujitsu Image Scanner Fi-7160

Scanning Capability

Using Duplex technology, Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-7160 is capable of scanning 120 images per minute in 300 dpi, Grayscale, and Monochrome colors. Because, Duplex technology is allowing users to scan two-sided aliases back and forth in one scanning process. With the above specifications, fi-7160 will be able to protect your documents with acoustic sensors, ensuring your data is captured with ultrasonic technology, and reducing scanning by automatically cleaning documents in single pass. Level of sophistication coupled with new skew technology.

Fujitsu Image Scanner Fi-7160

New Skew technology is the user can scan documents with different shapes and sizes without the paper jam.

Supports USB 3.0 port

Able to scan with cards as thick as 1.4 mm

Using Ultrasonic Double-feed Detection technology, so your files stay safe even when you lose the image

Can scan sticky files like photos and image quality remains the same as the original file. Most importantly, still can scan one by one without missing a single page.

Can scan documents up to 5.6 meters in length

PaperStream IP (32/64 Bit)
This technology is very important if you are an office employee. Because, you will get a clear picture when you scan several documents such as invoices, or other documents. By using the PaperStream IP driver, you can get a satisfactory scan without having to re-scan.

PaperStream Capture
This application allows you to organize files. In short, you can put files like the shape, either horizontally or vertically without you having to scan one on one.

Centralized System
This is also one of the advantages of Fujitsu. Fujitsu's scanner has a centralized system. This makes it easy to monitor the users of Fujitsu scanners including the Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-7160.

Staying Environmentally Friendly
This commitment is always guarded by Fujitsu throughout the production process. Design and manufacture of Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-7160 using Energy Star and Material Handling Agency of Hazardous Substances and Hazardous Substances and Volatile Organic Compounds regulations.

As quoted on, the price of Fujitsu Image Scanner fi-7160 is about $ 1195.00 or approximately for 15 million.

Fujitsu Image Scanner Fi-7160: Enjoy New Scanning Ways

These drivers below supported fi-7280 / fi-7260 / fi-7180 / fi-7160
Windows Driver:

fi-7160 Drivers for Linux

DOWNLOAD Fujitsu fi-7160 Image Scanner Driver for Linux

Fujitsu fi-7160 Drivers Download for Windows :

DOWNLOAD FUJITSU TWAIN32 Version 9.21.1600

DOWNLOAD Fujitsu fi-7160 ISIS™ Version 2.1.11210.4001m

DOWNLOAD Fujitsu fi-7160 ScanSnap Manager for fi Series 1.0.12 Update

DOWNLOAD ScandAll PRO V2.1.0 Update Pack

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