Dell Latitude E5530 Wifi Download Driver Windows

Dell Latitude E5530 Wifi Download Driver Windows

Meet the needs of businessmen who need a laptop with a capable capability but still have an affordable price, Dell presents Latitude E5530 | i5-3360M. The distinctive design of this processor series shows its class as a product for the professional businessman. Dimensions are fairly standard with a wide screen size with a size of 15.6 inch. This screen capability is very good when used to support your work productivity. With brightness levels and good color production, your eyes will not get tired when using this Dell laptop product in a long time.

Dell Latitude E5530 Wifi Download

Convenient Keyboard and Touchpad

As a laptop for business needs, of course the convenience factor of input both on keyboard and touchpad used become very important. And for Latitude E5530 series | i5-3360M, you will feel the benefits of the keyboard used. Without the need for a strong emphasis and has a dimension large enough to make this keyboard helps you to type more accurately and quickly. Meanwhile, the included touchpad is also no less helpful, where the navigation can be done very smoothly with multi touch support.

Ivy Bridge processor

Latitude E5530 | i5-3360M as the name suggests using a processor from the third generation or also known as Ivy Bridge architecture. With considerable performance improvements from its predecessor series, the Intel Core i5 3360M used on this laptop feels the true benefits when used to run various office applications. Supported with Turbo Boost technology that increases the processor core speed significantly and also Hyper Threading, this processor is obviously a perfect support especially for those of you who often have to work with many applications at once.

Wifi Dell Latitude E5530 Download Driver, Full Driver for Wifi, For Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10.

Dell Latitude E5530 Wifi Download Driver Windows

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