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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Drivers & downloads​

Thin computing devices increasingly become a trend that is in demand by consumers, thanks to the mobile lifestyle is now also increasing.

However, some consumers are still fond of devices with larger sizes. This is due to the judgment that larger and thicker devices are better able to provide the features they need.

Maybe so is considered Dell when presenting the latest Inspiron 15 5000 this. With large dimensions and heavy weight, this Dell laptop offers features quite complete compared to the devices circulating in the market today.



With large dimensions, do not be surprised if this laptop comes with heavy weight. Instead, Dell can feature a number of features on its device, including a 15.6-inch screen of 1366 x 768 pixels.

The large size does not necessarily make the device seem serious, thanks to the shiny material on the outside of the screen cover, and the matte material at the bottom of the device. Wrap the shiny material is also quite fun because it is not easily dirty due to fingerprint smudges.

In addition, the weight is heavy to make this device must be held with two hands, especially for users with small hands. This laptop also includes a space-intensive device due to its large dimensions, making it a bit difficult to carry it and while traveling.

On this laptop, Dell pinned the physical power button on the top right of the keyboard, which is equipped with LED indicator lights. So you can know when the laptop is on or off.

Dell also pinned the power indicator light on the underside of the device, which will turn on when the laptop is turned off but the device charging is in progress. Unfortunately, these lights do not blink or provide a special way to find out which battery is fully charged.

On this device, you can find a number of ports and slots on the right and left sides of the device. On the left side, you will find the charging port, LAN port, HDMI, and two standard USB ports.

Meanwhile on the right side, you can find DVD Drive, standard USB port and SD Card card-reader slot. Dell also equip this laptop with a keyboard of Full Keyboard type.

While the touchpad is located at the bottom of the keyboard, with the location tends to the left. You can also find speakers at the bottom of the device, adjacent to the position of the touchpad.


Supported by Intel Core i5-7200U 7th generation 7 3.1GHz and 8GB RAM, the performance of this laptop is quite good. Lag or pause when opening apps and menus we do not find when using this device.

In addition, the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 also scored well on test results using the 3DMark benchmark app. In Cloud Gate testing, Dell laptop is getting a value of 6620. While in the PCMark 8 Creative Conventional benchmark application, this laptop obtained a value of 2703.

Comes with the support of 15.6-inch screen, your eyesight will also be spoiled by the image display with detail and sharpness awake. Its wide size also allows you to enjoy the image more conveniently without the need to bring face to the screen, in order to enjoy the content.

Meanwhile, the stretch Keyboard Full Keyboard keyboard that causes more keyboard position to the left due to the stock of numeric buttons on the right. This layout may cause you inconvenience while typing, in the early days of using this device.

But the extensive palm rest as a result of its large dimensions helps to reduce the discomfort. The extensive palm rest part helps the hand inadvertently touch the touchpad while using the keyboard.

Regardless of the layout in his stretcher, Dell laptop keyboard is capable of presenting comfort while typing, due to the feedback is soft but still felt firm when the button on the keyboard is pressed.

Button design with a small size but with a considerable distance from each of them also provides comfort due to a chance typo or wrong push the unwanted buttons are small.

On the touchpad, Dell re-wrap it with the material. This easy material is easier to navigate, compared to Dell laptop that we reviewed earlier. Right and left click buttons on the touchpad was more soft, so much easier when pressed.

For battery affairs, this laptop can last for 3 hours 48 minutes, when tested using PCMark 8 Conventional Battery. Meanwhile on daily use, this laptop can last almost 5 hours.


Not many features built in Dell Inspiron 15 5000 this default. One interesting feature that supply it
is Optical Drive embedded on the right side of the device.

Optical Drive is also supported by the Blu-ray writer option, lets you use it as additional storage space. Also through this drive, you can also enjoy Blu-ray content on this device.

To support the wide screen, Dell also equip this laptop with True Color technology, which can be accessed through the default application. Through the application of this technology, you can adjust the color output on the screen, so it can serve images with a more comfortable color in the eyes.

True Color technology also features a function that will change the color becomes warmer when the device is active by relying on the power of the battery, and tend to cool when the device is connected to the charger.


The Dell Inspiron 15 5000 is capable of delivering a pleasant use experience thanks to convenient keyboard support, as well as performance treats without lag interruptions. Large dimensions and heavy weight reduce its comfort as a portable device.
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