Colortrac SC Xpress 36 Software scanners Download

Colortrac SC Xpress 36 Software scanners Download-Colortrac SmartLF SC36 Xpress captures detailed technical images and graphics in colors up to 96.5 cm (38 inches). Its fast, intuitive, and space-saving design makes it ideal for a busy environment.

  • Scan thickness up to 914.4 mm (36 inches) x 2 mm (0.08 inches) thick
  • Color scanning up to 9,600 dpi with SmartWorks Pro
  • SingleSensor technology for instant scanning
  • Scan at 33 cm / s in black and white, 30 cm / s in color at 200 dpi
  • USB 3 for fast data transfer
The new SC Xpress Colortrac scanners with CIS technology and 1200 dpi optical resolution scanning at twice the speed in resolutions up to 300 dpi without losing quality.

Colortrac SC Xpress 36 Software

The SC Xpress offer scans of technical documents and large format graphics for sizes up to A0 (up to 91.4 cm wide by virtually unlimited length). It is the ideal scanner for capturing all kinds of architecture, engineering, construction, property management or EDC (Electronic Document Capture) documents.

Includes 3 sub-models: monochrome and grayscale (m), color (c) and high-speed color (e). The models (m) and (c) are updatable to any of their higher versions.

And as a novelty, now the SC Xpress Colortrac scanners include the premium software of scanning SmartWorks PRO SCAN, and pedestal with wheels and basket (does not include monitor or its support, sold as an accessory separately). Premium copying software SmartWorks PRO COPY available.

Single sensor technology

The Colortrac SC Xpress 36 is another model of the wide range of Scanners SC Colortrac Xpress using digital scanning technology SingleSensor. This patented innovation by Colortrac invention combines image contact sensors (CIS) in a robust and unique piece, which enables significantly higher optical quality and dramatically increases the stability of the alignment of the resulting pixels. The 36 "(91.4 cm) wide scanner has 43,200 short-capture sensors and LED lighting in a bi-directional arrangement specifically designed for this model.The combined work of LEDs and CIS sensors reduces optical errors to a minimum, ensuring that all the images scanned to a file or for copy reach the maximum dimensional precision and the highest chromatic range.The shadow effect on folded or wrinkled documents are also reduced by the active pressure system that presses gently and uniformly the document against the SingleSensor glass The Colortrac SmartLF SC Xpress 36 uses low energy "instant-on" lighting technology and is Energy Star certified. The scanner is manufactured to meet or exceed all current electrical safety standards.

Larger paper sizes

The new design incorporates a larger face-up entry platform for loading documents into the scanner more easily and securely. The SC Xpress 36 is the first Colortrac scanner designed specifically for the automatic recognition of document size face up in the center of the scanner, a change that will help the user to see what they are scanning and also to introduce wrinkled documents more effectively. For documents with standard sheet sizes (manual mode), the scanner will consider that they are entered centered. The paper path in the SC Xpress 36 allows you to enter documents up to 38 "(96.5 cm) and accepts documents and maps up to 2 mm thick.This is more than required for virtually all jobs made of AEC, CAD , GIS, copy shops, etc ...

Dynamic document feed

The provision of the feeding system of the Colortrac SC Xpress 36 SingleSensor ensures that the document will always be in contact with the optics. The trailing rollers on both sides of the scanner's optical area exert a gentle active pressure throughout the entire SingleSensor allowing the scanner to respond dynamically and actively against the unbalance usually caused by the folds and wrinkles of the paper. This technology ensures that delicate or fragile material such as newspapers or test paper can be scanned accurately and safely.

SuperSpeed ​​PC interface

The Colortrac SmartLF SC Xpress range of large format scanners were the first scanners to incorporate the new SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 digital interface. With a radical increase in data transfer x10, the new USB 3.0 interface works at speeds of up to 5Gb / s. In terms of scanning speed and transfer to the computer, this represents more than twice the previous speed of 28MB / s (USB2) to 65-85 MB / s (USB3) depending on computer parameters. At the time of the launch of the SmartLF SC range, SuperSpeed ​​USB 3.0 is exclusive to Colortrac and allows working at maximum speed with the highest resolutions ever used, in larger documents. For those computers without USB3 connection, the Colortrac SC Xpress 36 enables the USB2 interface achieving a 25% increase in transfer speed (35MB / s) beyond the maximum achieved so far in the sector, 28MB / s, for a standard equipment Equipped with USB2 connection.

A higher data transfer speed gives the user of the Colortrac SmartLF SC Xpress 36 the freedom to scan larger documents at higher resolutions without affecting their productivity.

Colortrac SC Xpress 36 Software scanners Download

Downloads Security Statement

SmartWorks Pro Scan, Scan & Copy licence holder upgrade to v1.8.1.1 595 MB 2018-03-07 Release Notes
SmartWorks TOUCH software v1.15 (SC Xpress only) SmartWorks 11.6 MB 2015-12-22 Release Notes
SmartWorks TOUCH MFP software v1.15 (SC mfp only) SmartWorks TOUCH MFP 11.6 MB 2016-01-20 Release Notes
SC Utilities & Driver V2.0.0.4 scanner maintenance software and driver combined (includes Twain driver) 15.4MB 2017-06-13 Release Notes

Signature Check
SC Firmware for Energy Star SC Xpress and SC scanners (see notes) 342 KB 2014-12-19 Release Notes
SC Firmware for SC Xpress and SC scanners 350 KB 2014-12-19 Release Notes

NOTE:Drivers and firmware must be maintained at the latest release for maximum product functionality and reliability.
Downloads for SmartLF SG Series scanners
ItemFile NameSizeDateNotesSmartWorks Pro Scan, Scan & Copy licence holder upgrade to v1.8.1.1 595 MB 2018-03-07 Release Notes
SG Utilities & Driver v2.0.0.1 scanner maintenance software and driver combined (includes Twain driver) 15.4 MB 2017-06-13 Release Notes

Signature Check
SG v102 Firmware 572 KB 2014-07-09 Release Notes

Downloads for SmartLF Scan!
ItemFile NameSizeDateNotesSmartLF Scan! software v2.3.4j (includes manual) SmartLF Scan! NetApp 9.75MB 2018-01-10 Release Notes
SmartLF Scan! firmware v1.23 SmartLF Scan! firmware 1.23 4.6MB 2018-01-10 Release Notes

ItemFile NameSizeDateNotesSmartWorks Pro Highlighter Preset for SC Xpress, SC and SG ranges (v1.3.2.0 onwards) 2 KB 2014-12-16 Release Notes
SW Pro Profiler v1.02 for SW Pro (v1115 onwards) 3.4 MB 2012-10-05 Release Notes
IT8 Reference Files
(to April 2017) 337 KB 2017-06-21 Release Notes
HASP / Sentinel HL driver for s/w security device (dongle) Sentinel System Driver

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