Tips To Prevent Paper Jam (Paper Jam)

Tips To Prevent Paper Jam (Paper Jam)-Paper jam or paper jam is a reasonable thing and often occur on the machine copy, but this sometimes makes the owners of emotional upset and copy machines especially if a lot of work to be completed soon.

Paper jam is most often caused by the condition of the paper is damp and clinging to each other, sometimes caused also because sponge roll or towing the rubber had started to "bare"

Tips To Prevent Paper

The Following Tips To Prevent The Occurrence Of Paper Jam:
  • Shake or comb before paper is inserted in the shelf paper
  • Save paper in a dry and not moist
  • Replace rubber towing paper (pick up roll) if its surface is considered already smooth
  • Replace periodically with a Sponge Roll based on usage and his physical condition, sponge roll aus will be curved at the silicon surface and his smooth rubber.
  • Pay attention to the cleanliness of the sensor-sensor dimesin copy paper
  • Avoid the use of paper pieces without the brand because it is too light
  • Use standard paper and minimal 70gr
  • Great copy machine to check the string wire transfers at regular intervals, immediately replace if colour already dull
  • For medium machine (using the fixing film) liquid her lubricant note, do not let it dry and use liquid that is not recommended.

Hopefully a few more tips to prevent a paper jam (Paper Jam) on the machine copy of this helpful to you.

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