Samsung TV-Samsung UHD F9000

Samsung TV-Samsung UHD F9000
Samsung TV-Samsung UHD F9000 with 55-inch size selection and 65 Inches

After issuing a TV Ultra High Definition (UHD) 85-inch sized S9 series in January 2013, Samsung released the TV-tech products are the same. The latest Samsung TV UHD is named Samsung F9000, with a choice of two sizes, i.e. 55-inch and 65-inch. Manufacturer of electronic tools South Korea was ready to rock Indonesia's market with the latest product that is also known as the 4 k TV terms.

Senior Manager of Product Marketing TV PT Samsung Electronics Indonesia, Ammon Sabara said that Samsung TV, UHD is dedicated to answer the needs of the consumer will be a more capable image quality. TV Samsung F9000 serves quality images with superior features rows of ultima is based on the latest innovations, so that will give you a new experience in watching TV for its users.

Samsung TV-Samsung UHD F9000


Samsung TV F9000 UHD it comes with carrying the ultra slim bezel design. Product dimensions are 1462.3 x 837.8 x 40.7 mm with a weight of 32.1 kg without the frame and stand, for this type of 65 inches. While the 55-inch-size 1245.6 x 38.6 mm x 717.8 with weight 22.2 kg without the frame and stand. The choice of the colour itself is only available on the front of the silver, square-shaped stand with accessories and wall mount bracket types and mini.


To support the connectivity on both types of this TV, Samsung equip him with 4 HDMI ports, three USB ports, a built-in Wireless LAN, 1 Ethernet port (LAN), 1 Optical Digital Audio Out port, 1 port Mini Jack for Audio Out port, and standard MHL. In addition, there is also one slot each for the CI Slot, Scart, Component In (Y/Pb/Pr), Composite In (AV) used in General to Component Y, IR Out, and RF In for terrestrial or cable inputs, as well as two RF slot In for satellite input.

Screen and Display

Part of the screen on a Samsung TV F9000 uses this type of LED with 3,840 x 2,160 UHD resolution pixels, with two choices of size, i.e. 55-inch and 65-inch, as was mentioned earlier. The screen resolution four times greater than the Tech TV Full HD 1,920 x 1,080 pixels which are currently dominating the market of TV devices. In fact, TV UHD has a density of 8 million pixel point on the screen.

Thanks to the latest high-tech adaptation of it, no doubt TV Samsung F9000 is able to produce the picture quality sharp ultima with detail. He also tested his abilities, because this TV has been certified with the quality of the picture from the Underwriters Laboratories in the United States and United Kingdom on Intertek. It is this factor that makes this device belongs to the category of premium class.

Audio systems and features

Samsung also complements this product with the audio system in the form of the speaker channel 2.2 and 2-way type of Dolby Digital Plus/Dolby Pulse, consisting of 70 watts. The speaker also supported with technology for Clear Sound and 3D Sound. Meanwhile, a number of advanced features takes part also pinned on this Samsung TV F9000. One of them is the One feature of Connect, which works to improve the performance of the TV, such as a CPU on a computer.

This One features Connect is the replacement of technology Evolution Kit hosts Samsung which has been used since the year 2012. The difference is, if Evolution Kit attached to the back of the TV, then Connect only One is connected with a cable. Inside the box are stored various port connections, such as HDMI and Component. While behind it, there is a chip that supports processing of Smart features on TV this UHD.

In addition, it features One Connect that makes TV this Samsung brand UHD is superior to its competitors can also will protect users from the standard 4 k TV changes. If these conditions occur in the future, so users stay replace features that Connect One with the new version, and this UHD TV will be in accordance with the new standard. This technology also called Future Proof, and is the only current TV in the market.

Not only that, this Samsung TV also features the F9000 Quadmatic Picture Engine that is capable of making a display image is increasingly sharply with perfect details. Then, equipped with the features of a 4-step up scaling which can change the picture of the various resolutions to be enjoyed with quality UHD. Then, there's also features Smart Features that allow its users to control this TV with just a wave of the hand.
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