Nikon Wireless Transmitter WT-1a Software Download

Nikon Wireless Transmitter WT-1a Software Download-The WU-1a Wireless Mobile Adapter is a USB dongle that lets you establish a wireless connection between certain Nikon digital DSLRs and a smart mobile device. You can use the adapter to transfer photos directly to a smartphone or tablet, or to control your DSLR camera remotely via your smart device.

No matter where you are, the adapter lets you transfer images without hassle: you don’t need to connect it to an external Wi-Fi hot spot, and it’s powered by the camera. Whether you want to send photos to your smart device so you can share them, or transfer images in order to free space on your camera’s memory card, you can do it all with ease.

Nikon Wireless Transmitter WT-1a Software

The adapter also enables you to control your DSLR camera remotely. This makes it a smart accessory to have if you want to take a self-portrait or preview images on a larger tablet screen before shooting.

Mobile Wireless Adapter WU-1a is a wireless connector which connects the camera Nikon D3200 platform device with Android. For the needs of photography with a DSLR camera, especially for the preview image that has just been taken, often we are faced with the problem of too small a screen on the camera. For that it needs additional tools that can connect the camera with a device that has a larger screen. So with this tool we can directly see the results of the photo with high resolution on a smartphone or tablet, or directly uploaded to the internet. In addition to being a tool for sharing pictures, WU-1a can also make your Android gadget as a trigger to shoot (remote control function).

While being connected with the D3200 cameras, we can see through the screen of a smartphone or tablet what is being caught on camera lenses, camera information such as an indicator of the battery, AC adapter are connected or not, setting the aperture, shutter speed, focal points and others. For a while this WU-1a is available only for the operating system Android to iOS is rumored to be soon to follow.

Nikon Wireless Transmitter WT-1a Software Download

Operating System (s) : Microsoft Windows Xp, Windows 2000
Nikon WT-1a S-WTU___-011100WF-ALLIN-ALL___.exe
(Approx. 74.98 MB) – Download

Modifications/Note for Nikon Wireless Transmitter WT-1a Firmware Version 1.1:
Support for the Nikon D2Xs, D2X, and D2Hs has been added.With upgrade of WT-1 firmware to version 1.1, the WT-1 can be used with the Nikon D2Xs, D2X, and D2Hs cameras.

Operating System (s) : Mac OS X 10.1.5, Mac OS 9.2.2
Nikon WT-1a Mac Firmware – Download (180KB)

Download the software, firmware and drivers to keep your Nikon Wireless Transmitter WT-1.

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