Epson PLQ-20 Passbook Printer review

The Epson PLQ-20 is a passbook printer designed for printing on passbooks and other financial and banking documents. It's specifically built for applications in banking, financial institutions, and government offices where the need for fast and accurate document processing is essential. Here are some key features and specifications of the Epson PLQ-20 Passbook Printer:

Passbook Printing: The primary function of the PLQ-20 is to print on passbooks and other financial documents, including cheques, receipts, and invoices.

High Print Speed: The PLQ-20 offers high-speed printing, capable of printing up to 576 characters per second (cps) at 10 characters per inch (cpi). This ensures efficient and rapid document processing.

Print Resolution: While the PLQ-20 is not designed for high-resolution graphics printing, it provides clear and legible text output at a standard resolution of 180 x 180 dpi.

Epson PLQ-20 Passbook Printer

Versatile Paper Handling: This passbook printer is equipped with multiple paper paths and can handle various media types, including passbooks, cut sheets, and continuous forms.

Integrated MICR: Some models of the PLQ-20 include integrated Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) capability, which is crucial for processing checks and other financial documents that use magnetic ink.

Reliability: Epson is known for producing durable and reliable printing equipment, and the PLQ-20 is no exception. It's designed for continuous and high-volume printing tasks.

Connectivity: The printer typically offers various connectivity options, including USB and parallel ports for easy integration with computer systems and other devices.

Easy Maintenance: The PLQ-20 is designed for easy maintenance, with features like tool-free printhead replacement and easy access to paper paths.

Compatibility: It is usually compatible with a variety of operating systems and software applications commonly used in banking and financial institutions.

Ergonomic Design: The printer is designed with user convenience in mind, with an ergonomic control panel and an easy-to-load paper path.

Optional Accessories: Depending on your specific needs, you may have the option to add accessories such as an endorsement unit, cut-sheet feeder, or additional paper feeders.

The Epson PLQ-20 Passbook Printer is well-suited for applications that require fast and accurate printing on financial documents, such as passbooks, checks, and receipts. Its reliability and versatility make it a popular choice in banking and financial sectors, as well as government and administrative offices that deal with document processing and record-keeping tasks.

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EPSON Printer PLQ-20 Passbook

  • Printing Method
  • 24-pin impact dot matrix
  • Print Speed Black  
  • Interface
  • Bi-directional parallel interface (IEEE 1284 nibble mode supported), Serial, USB (2.0 compatible)
  • Power Consumption
  • Approx. 60W, Approx. 8W in sleep mode, 0W in powered off mode, Energy Star Compliant
  • Voltage
  • AC 100-120 V, 50 to 60 Hz (49.5 to 60.5 Hz)
  • Product Dimensions
  • 384mm x 280mm x 203mm (W x D x H) {15.11" x 11" x 8"}
  • Product Weight
  • 7.7 Kg (17lbs)

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