Dell Inspiron 7500 Review - Cons and Pricing

Dell launches the 3700 model of its Inspiron notebook range with 450 and 500 MHz Pentium III processors. Following the announcement of the Inspiron 7500 notebook several weeks ago

After the announcement several weeks ago of the 7500 model of the Inspiron notebook family, Dell repeats the presentation and announces the availability of the Inspiron 3700 notebook. This latest notebook represents the introduction of color in the cases within the company's notebook offer.

Developed to meet the needs of both home and professional users who require high mobility, the Inspiron 3700 incorporates Intel's latest mobile processor, the Pentium III. A feature that ensures customers, as indicated by company sources, the same speed and performance as a desktop computer. Apart from offering the latest Inspiron model with Intel Pentium III processors at 450 and 500 MHz, Dell has announced the possibility of acquiring the latter with Intel Mobile Celeron microprocessor at 400, 433 and 466 MHz.

Dell Inspiron 7500 Review - and Pricing

Among the technical features presented by the Inspiron 3700, it should be noted a memory with a capacity of up to 512 KB -possible through the inclusion of the new 256 MB SDRAM memory modules-, ATI Mo-bility M1 video controller, replicator port for network work access and 8 MB of video memory. While the aforementioned features are included as standard in the new Inspiron model, the company gives users the possibility to choose the capacity of the notebook's hard disks ranging from 12 GB to 18 GB, as well as 6X DVD, Zip and LS120 SuperDisk drives.

The new Inspiron notebook is already available in Spain, but the price will vary depending on the notebook's features. Following the philosophy of allowing the customer to build the right computer for his needs, Dell has set a recommended retail price of 337,900 pesetas (2030.8 euros) for the Inspiron 3700 with Intel Mobile Celeron 433 MHz processor, 32 MB of memory and a 4.8 GB hard disk capacity. 

In the case of the Inspiron 3700 equipped with Intel Mobile Pentium III 500 MHz microprocessor, 64 MB of memory and a 4.8 GB capacity hard disk, the cost is approximately 454,900 pesetas (2734 euros). While the same Inspiron 3700 with Pentium III processor running at a speed of 450 MHz offers, compared to the previous one, a price difference of approximately 40,000 pesetas (240.4 euros).
The price of the latest laptop in the Inspiron range includes a one-year free service warranty, extendable up to three years of international on-site warranty and technical support by phone or e-mail offered by the company through its Web site.

Inspiron 3700
- Notebook
- Manufacturer: Dell
- Price :depending on features and functionalities
- Availability: Immediate

Dell Inspiron 7500 Driver Download

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