Toshiba Libretto W100 Driver Download For Windows 7 32-bit

Toshiba Libretto W100 Driver Download For Windows 7 32-bit
Specifications and Price Toshiba Libretto W100 1001U - This is the latest discussion for toshiba libretto products, here we will discuss about the specifications and also the price for this toshiba so do not miss the important information of the latest price of this one laptop. Also make sure the specifications and prices are in accordance with the needs and kedaan wallet so not expensive.

If we are going to try the Toshiba Libretto W100 1001U this one first thing worthy of note is that this notebook is a notebook that is equivalent to the size of a smartphone with dual touchscreen system. So, the size is small with a combination of two touch screens at once. Can you imagine how the touch screen function is not?

Toshiba Libretto W100 1001U Driver Download

Of course, the first is to function the screen as usual while the second touchscreen that functions like a keyboard. The second touchscreen contains the menu icons for the Toshiba Libretto's operation.

When viewed from the side of physical appearance then of course - at least in the personal opinion of the author - looks more fashionable. Although the size of a smartphone but the ability of this Toshiba product is equivalent to a pc computer, so its performance need not be too doubtful.

To be more clear about this then we better see detail specification first. By studying the above specifications we can conclude on how the advantages and disadvantages of this Toshiba Libretto W100 1001U.

Specifications Toshiba Libretto W100 1001U
  • This type of Toshiba is a Pentium U5400 1.2Ghz 2GB DDR3 62GB-sSD laptops, No Optical Drive, No Wifi LAN Bluetooth Intel 7-inch HD Camera WSVGA Touch Screen Win 7 Home Premium. For detail info please spec please:
  • PROCESSOR: Intel® Pentium® Processor U5400 (1.20 GHz, 3MB Cache)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows® 7 Home Premium 32-bit
  • MEMORY: 2048MB DDR3 1066MHz SDRAM
  • GRAPHICS: Intel® HD Graphics, up to 728 MB of total available graphics memory
  • INTERFACE: 1 x USB 2.0
  • VOICE SYSTEM: Mono Speakers
  • CAMERA: Built-in HD Web Camera
  • BATTERIES: 8-Cell Lithium Ion
  • WARRANTY: 1-year International Limited Warranty bring your own (components & workers), 1-year battery (bring your own)
  • WEIGHT: Starting from 819g
Drivers - Application Windows 7 32-bit
TitleCategoryVersionOSFile SizeTitle
BIOS Update BIOS1.30Windows 7 32-bit1.96 MBDownload
Bluetooth Monitor Bluetooth4.05Windows 7 32-bit4.4 MBDownload 
Bluetooth Stack for Windows by Toshiba Bluetooth7.10.15(T)Windows 7 32-bit77.45 MBDownload
ConfigFree ConfigFree8.0.30Windows 7 32-bit45.39 MBDownload 
Intel Chipset SW Utility Chipset9.1.1.1024Windows 7 32-bit4.57 MBDownload
Intel Display Driver Display8.15.10.2141Windows 7 32-bit28.86 MBDownload
Intel Display Driver (updated for Win7 Service Pack 1) Display8.15.10.2189Windows 7 32-bit28.93 MBDownload
Intel Management Engine Interface AMT6.00.40.1215Windows 7 32-bit8.27 MBDownload
Intel Proset Wireless LAN Utility13. 7 32-bit37.77 MBDownload
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Intel Rapid Storage9.5.7.1002Windows 7 32-bit11.94 MBDownload
Intel Wireless LAN Driver Wireless LAN13. 7 32-bit8.48 MBDownload
Libretto Software Toshiba Software1.0.22.00Windows 7 32-bit9.48 MBDownload
Realtek Audio Driver Audio6.0.1.6132Windows 7 32-bit61.94 MBDownload
Realtek Wireless LAN Driver (for Realtek model only) Wireless LAN1.00625_2.00.0015Windows 7 32-bit18.57 MBDownload
Ricoh Card Reader Card Reader2.10.03.02Windows 7 32-bit6.8 MBDownload
Sun Java2 Runtime Environment Sun Java1.6.0_20Windows 7 32-bit16.15 MBDownload
Toshiba Assist Toshiba Software4.00.00Windows 7 32-bit4.44 MBDownload
Toshiba Bulletin Board Toshiba Software1.7.15.0Windows 7 32-bit80.73 MBDownload
Toshiba Bulletin Board Customization Toshiba Software1.6.3WWindows 7 32-bit12.34 MBDownload
Toshiba Disc Creator Toshiba Software2.1.0.2Windows 7 32-bit9.67 MBDownload
Toshiba eco Utility Toshiba Software1.2.12.0Windows 7 32-bit14.22 MBDownload
Toshiba Face Recognition Toshiba Software3.1.3Windows 7 32-bit110.18 MBDownload
Toshiba HDD-SSD Alert Toshiba Software3.1.0.6Windows 7 32-bit36.99 MBDownload
Toshiba Media Controller Toshiba Software1.0.80.9Windows 7 32-bit13.35 MBDownload
Toshiba Media Controller Plug in Toshiba Software1.0.7.7Windows 7 32-bit9.54 MBDownload
Toshiba PC Health Monitor Toshiba Software1.6.2.0Windows 7 32-bit26.05 MBDownload
Toshiba Recovery Media Creator Toshiba Software2.1.0.4Windows 7 32-bit7.4 MBDownload
Toshiba Reel Time Toshiba Software1.7.10.0Windows 7 32-bit66.77 MBDownload
Toshiba Service Station Toshiba Software2.2.9Windows 7 32-bit12.84 MBDownload
Toshiba Service Station Toshiba Software2.2.9Windows 7 32-bit12.84 MBDownload
Toshiba Sync Utility Utility2.0.0.0Windows 7 32-bit33.75 MBDownload
Toshiba Value Added Package TVAP1.3.13V2Windows 7 32-bit33.29 MBDownload
Toshiba Web Camera Application Webcam1.1.3.6Windows 7 32-bit29.32 MBDownload
Users Manual Users Manual1.0Windows 7 32-bit2.05 MBDownload
XT9 Smart input Special1.0.6Windows 7 32-bit5.86 MBDownload
Drivers - Application Windows 7 64-bit
TitleCategoryVersionOSFile SizeMore Info
Sun Java2 Runtime Environment Sun Java1.6.0_20Windows 7 64-bit16.15 MBDownload
Toshiba Service Station Toshiba Software2.2.9Windows 7 64-bit12.84 MBDownload
Toshiba Face Recognition Toshiba Software3.1.3Windows 7 64-bit110.18 MBDownload
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