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Toshiba Pro Theatre L9300: Toshiba's second generation 4 k TV with advanced features

After the success of the advanced introduced the first 4 k-tech in the world for consumer in Japan in December 2011, Toshiba back producing a second generation of TV that is capable of displaying pictures super sharp it was. This time, the origin of the Japan's leading electronics companies that released the 4 k TV Toshiba which is much more pleasant, in the ranks of Toshiba Pro Theatre Series, under the name Toshiba Pro Theatre L9300.

Toshiba's second generation 4 k TV it comes to be able to compete with its competitors in the segment of TV 4 k resolution. The latest of these Toshiba TV did come with more advanced features to pamper its users. The greatest features that would be capable of delivering a viewing experience far better for its users. Curious how the specifications of this TV? The following is the full reviews.

After the success of the advanced introduced the first 4 k-tech in the world for consumer in Japan in December 2011,

This tv is designed with the construction that is largely made of plastic material. Bezelnya quite sleek suburban-size 55 mm, coated with a glossy black color. The design combined with the bezel at the bottom of the screen is made of a silver metal, so it looks very elegant and attractive. While the depth of the screen panel only 12 mm only. Uniquely, this TV stand features a functionality swive (spinning) are integrated.

Toshiba TV Pro L9300 Theatre has the support of connectivity in the form of 2 USB ports, 4 HDMI inputs, SDXC card slot, as well as earphones and optical audio. But, the most excellent is the ability of this TV supported USB feature Movie from Toshiba with 28 video formats, so it can play a variety of video formats that are popular today. In addition, this TV is also equipped with a remote control which is quite ergonomically thanks to some key pintasnya.

Screen and Display
To meet the needs of its users watch, Toshiba Pro Theatre L9300 this brings the large screen with two options, namely 58 inches and 84 inches. But, the most interesting of course this TV in its ability to display images in a much more powerful with various advantages. This tv uses the technology of Ultra HD and 4 k CEVO engine powered quad-core capable of promising the picture quality is amazing.

The kitchen was giving the performance of the 16-bit image processing with 4 k Resolution + technology, so can play content Full HD at a resolution of 4 k with a visual display that remain awake, as well as to display sharp picture with eight million pixels though with less than 4 k or 3,840 x 2,160 pixels. As a result, the quality of the Visual looks very natural, and so conjure up the House into a private cinema.

Audio System
The audio portion of TV system features Dolby Digital speaker 20W. Amazingly, the audio system that supported with technology Audyssey EQ Premium and ABX, making it the first TV in Asia with the support of both of these technologies. Audyssey EQ function to generate a dynamic sound and equitable voice in offsetting a smaller TV speakers. Meanwhile, the technology can boost the bass extension ABX on this TV.

A number of advanced features which have also become hallmarks of Toshiba TV Pro L9300 Theatre. These features are Intelligent Auto View that can automatically adjust the picture settings with the condition, a Hollywood Picture Mode to generate interesting effects of cinema, as well as the 2D to 3D Conversion which allows users to enjoy the impressions of two dimensions with three dimensional qualities.

Pricing and Conclusion
The good news, the two variants of the Toshiba TV Pro L9300 Theatre it has been introduced in Indonesia on November 28th, 2013 and then at the Pullman Hotel Central Park, Jakarta. The question of cost in the motherland, for the 58-inch variants will be removed with around Usd 70 million, whereas the variant of 84 inches sold at IDR 170 million. The second variant will be available in shops in Toshiba distributor Indonesia starts in December 2013.

Although the price is high enough, but Toshiba TV Pro L9300 Theatre is sure to increase the convenience of its users in enjoying your favourite movies with visual experience that much more exciting. As mentioned by the President Director PT Toshiba Visual Media Network Indonesia, Jun Nishioka, Toshiba's newest 4 k TV it will be able to meet the needs of a far better watch for their 

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