Toshiba Pro Theatre L4300 Review

Toshiba Pro Theatre L4300: Smart TV Toshiba with the quality of picture and sound is good

Toshiba, the country of origin Japan companies recently showcased their latest products that will enliven the world of technology in asia. The product is a great sailing in the form of LED television SMART TV Toshiba. Interestingly a TV manufactured by Toshiba is able to run the Android operating system. Arguably this is a product of Smart hosts first Android TV Toshiba. The product is a Toshiba Pro L4300 Theatreseries.


Smart TV Toshiba-branded Android Pro Theatre L4300 series comes with a sleek design and a stout. The form looks simple and plain. But it looks great with black colour schemes make this device feels more mighty than devices like. The device itself comes with two types of display. The first 50-inch screen and a second screen 39 inches.

Although there are two types of dimensions on the Smart TV hosts this Toshiba Android, both of them still carry the same resolution. The resolution is very large. The resolution is Full HD resolution 1,920 x 1,080 pixels. Certainly with the resolution as itappears that this device will be promising performance satisfactory.


Toshiba Satellite Pro L4300 Theatre series is present as a viewer with the ability to be able to satisfy its users. All of the things required of an Android Smart TV is present on the device. Display images are smooth, convenient navigation, as well as the discretion of the user to play a variety of games to Android in a big screen. Moreover, the device itself is running the Android system 4.2.1 and match Jelly Bean that in factis the Android operating system which is the most widely used currently in the smart phone or tablet device.

With the Android operating system, of course, Jelly Bean will make users very freelyin accessing GooglePlay. The user can freely choose from a variety of applications to be installed on this device. Thanks to Smart device Android Toshiba TV Pro L4300 series user any Theatre capable of playing games Android. This means users will be pampered and gain experience in the form of sensation play different Android. Of course there is the sensation that will be clearly different when playing games on a screen this large when compared to playing on smart phones and Tablet devices.

Surely the Smart TV Toshiba is not forgetting its main function as a monitor. When it functioned as a television, this device is capable of singkronisasi imagesof the television with a condition such as saturation, gamma, and sharpness. This ability is called Toshiba as Intelligent Autoview. In addition, Toshiba Pro L4300 Theatrewill provide a voice with good quality. When ber-karaoke, this device is a convenient sound be heard. This is thanks to the existence of the separation technology of vowel sounds and music which Toshiba described as Audio Source Filtering. With these technologies, for example users can set the high frequency low sound voice commentator and supporters while watching soccer separately.

Features and Connectivity

Smart Android Toshiba TV Pro L4300 Theatre has been equipped with 10-bit videoprocessing and video REGZA engine which certainly will be very maximize view. Moreover, this device has supported Youtube and Youtube Send-to-TV which will be very useful in both these technologies maximize the use of. In addition it features Open the Browser on this device will make this big-screen devices can surf the internetwith ease.

There is also a Wi-Fi connection feature that allows users to connect your Android device directly with Smart TV Android that has possess 3 USB ports. The requirement is pretty easy, Android devices can connect Toshiba Pro L4300 Theatre should be a devicethat is running the Android operating system 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Thanks to this feature the user can see the phone display screen on the device display that also supports PC input. This feature, called Toshiba features Screen Mirroring.

Conclusion and price

Smart Android TV from Toshiba is the display device that is can be used as an option. Its purpose is its own excess. Smart televisions that can navigate with the remote,the mouse pointer, and this in itself will present December 2013. For the price on its own, Toshiba Pro Theatre this L4300 dibanderol priced approximately USD 14 million for a 50-inch screen size and Rp 7 million to 39 inches in screen size.

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