Printer Epson vs Canon who is the best?

Canon has the rival heavy on camera products, namely the Nikon. As for the Inkjet printer products, especially this time of the biggest rival coming from Epson. Often people are confused about to choose between Epson vs. Canon since both have surplus each more specific.

Than you continue to experience indecision choose printer, good as you continue tofollow this article from beginning to end. Epson vs Canon may indeed be the logical choice when other products are less promising. Even the current HP (Hewlett-Packard) less so popular despite its flagship products are not inferior than the Epson and Canon. His conclusion before choosing make sure you get the references to the advantages and disadvantages of Epson vs. Canon. Because of Your strengths and weaknesses will be able to see which printer is best suited for you, is it as needed. Do not forget also to consider the issue price is determined to fit the budget. Here's a comparison between the printer Epson vs. Canon of strengths and weaknesses:

Canon has the rival heavy on camera products, namely the Nikon. As for the Inkjet printer products, especially this time of the biggest rival coming from Epson


Epson printer manufactured by the company Seiko Epson Corporation of Japan. Epson is arguably the King of the printer remembers many excellent products that are performed by this company well ever since the era of dot matrix printers, inkjet or laser. The following main advantages belonging to Epson printer compared to Canon:

Advantages the main printer printed the results of course. Epson is considered able to give quality images are sharper, brighter and natural colors. This is why many consider the Epson printer is ideal for printing photos and is currently widely used in businesses studion photography.

Epson printer into the most support for the use of infusion system (CISS). For other brands can also support for this system, but Epson is the most supportive. This is because Epson designed the Printhead components are made separately from the Cartridge system infusion (CISS) like this are indeed often adopted in order to create maximum results more prints as well as allowing to minimize the cost of operating the printer. Plus for its convenience in the refill ink.

Regarding the durability of machines, Epson has indeed has a good reputation. Epson printers from the durability of the product due to the use of the micropiezo, and head to headnya type of piezoelectric is only used by Epson only. Micropiezo also claimed to be able to produce prints sharper, free grain, and photos with a more subtle tone transitions.

So some of the advantages of Epson printer, for its shortcomings are:

The speed is already very well known less satisfying. Maybe even a comparison could reach around 1:3 with Canon for the print speed.

Many users consider Epson Ink consumes more wasteful.

Less support to print black and white photographs. The resulting black color Epsonmay "run" into other colors, usually blue or somewhat a bit browned.

The user must make the outside exhaust system because many printers produce waste ink when the process of cleaning.

The prices are relatively more expensive is certainly a consideration of many peopleto choose Epson. But for those of you who want maximum results are certainly nota problem.


Canon printers, produced by the company Canon Inc. of Japan which are already known from the first as a manufacturer producing equipment and optical imagery. Armed with a reputation in the product photo copy machine, Canon printer quality products presents a try. The following advantages of Canon printers:

Like Epson, Canon printers you can produce good quality images for using original inks i.e. infusion system did not adopt.

The print speed is becoming the main advantage printer Canon. For example, for Canon IP22770 series printers are capable of producing Print Speed Black: 7.0 ppm and Print Speed Colur: 4.8 ppm. ppm is the Print Pages Perminutes. Unlike the Epson tends to be like a "snail's pace".

The components of the Canon printers are considered powerful, proven quite rare presence of cases damage Rollpaper, mainboard and others.

Prices are relatively cheaper to become a top priority for why many people use Canon printers.

For black and white photographs better and stable, and there is no color "run".

Fit to print the document.

So some Canon printers, to excess drawback is

The quality of color who whet Epson and less natural photos especially to human skin. But still quite satisfactory.

Not so in favor to adopt systems infusion. If imposed then it could be a problem such as impaired because the hose system drip that interferes with the operations of the Caridge units and some other problems. The price is quite expensive also Catridgeone set.

Not recommended for those of you who want to use on the photo studio.

The components of the Head tends to be quicker is broken.

Comparison between Epson vs. Canon above could possibly be a reference for you.Select the option taking into account the needs and the budget that a

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