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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Xerox CentreWare Web Download

Xerox CentreWare Web brings you the benefits of added productivity you expect to manage your devices. This innovative software tool can install, configure, manage, monitor, and report on all network printers and multifunction devices throughout the Internet - via a web browser - regardless of manufacturer ... and free!

IT administrators must face the day-to-day management of a variety of output devices from different vendors, including search, usage tracking, software configuration updates, printer driver updates, consumer management, and reporting throughout the infrastructure. They need a comprehensible and easy-to-use tool that will do all this and even more.

Xerox CentreWare Web brings you the benefits of added productivity you expect to manage your devices.

Key Challenges

Increase productivity
Manage and report all SNMP printers and multifunction devices across the company - no matter what their manufacturer.
Centralize printer settings and allow system administrators to install, configure, and browse settings for all network protocols, simplify the tasks of integrated devices.
Creating consistent information from databases and systems that are easy to understand, accurate and simple.
Reduced costs
Monitor printer usage, set user levels, and optimize device deployment.
Reduce the cost of service calls and increase the efficiency of all device outputs.
Improving security by centrally setting all critical security information devices.
Xerox CentreWare Web provides the following key benefits:

Simple to set up and manage.
Supports all SNMP-compatible printers or multifunction devices, not just Xerox tags.
Simplifies device integration - install, configure, and display settings for all network protocols, and set up devices centrally.
Configuration Settings - Allows administrators to create templates to define network protocol, scan, billing, and security settings on each Xerox compatible device.
Configuration tasks - they can be easily created, set up, and applied to a group of devices that can be selected by a logical (Boolean) expression.
HP Device Management - A variety of settings specific to Hewlett-Packard devices can be remotely controlled through Configuration Settings and Configuration Tasks.
Cloning applies settings from one device to other similar devices to save time and energy.
Reduces the cost of service calls and downtime with proactive interventions and alerts.
Provides accurate billing data for each user or individual device.
Gets data and reports on print, copy, scan, and server faxing at user level for each Xerox multifunction printer that has active network accounting.
It affects the company's Active Directory - by selecting the mapping of an existing object as "Account Account Identification Box". This quickly includes valid accounts for all users, which can be updated automatically. Users can then import up to 10 customer Active Directories.
It can act as a stand-alone software solution or be integrated into existing software / hardware configurations.
Recognizes groups of output devices by inserting them into preset groups or in your customized group.
Group dial functions allow you to set interval and priority options.
Why Xerox?

Simplifies your tasks as a clear leader in the Output Device Management market.
Xerox is constantly upgrading device management tools powered by feedback from a wide range of SMB customers to large corporations.
See which CentreWare Web features are supported on different Xerox devices.
CentreWare Web 5.0 Feature Info Info / Matrix (pdf)

Xerox Priced Copiers, Printers and Multifunction Devices include flexible platforms that support a wide range of software solutions. The functionality of the software may vary depending on the product model. Please contact your local merchant for detailed information.
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