Sharp XEA 307 Barcode Scanner

Sharp XEA 307 cash register barcode scanner is present to further facilitate the users in using the cashier cashew. This one has many advantages, including a barcode scanner or barcode reader.

Cashier SHARP XEA 307 Barcode Scanner
Sharp XEA 307 cashier barcode scanner is equipped with the most complete features in its class. Briefly this cash register machine can be used for two receipts. These two receipts cover one for the customer and one for the entrepreneur. With this model makes the Sharp Xie 307 cash register barcode scanner to be a favorite choice of entrepreneurs.
  • Display Operator: Monochrome LCD with backlight, Customer: 7-digits, 7-segments
  • Printer Type: 2-station, drop-in, thermal. 30 digits. 58 mm paper width. Speed approx. 12 lines/sec
  • Drawer Notes: 5 compartment. Coins: 8 compartment
  • Keyboard Normal key, 59 keys.
  • Interface RS-232 port x 1, SD card slot x 1
  • Departments Standard 99
  • PLUs Standard 10,000
  • Electronic Journal Max 9,000 lines
  • Tax System Total 4 rates
  • Dimensions 360 x 425 x 365 mm
  • Weight 12 Kg
Sharp XEA 307 Barcode Scanner

Excess Egypt Sharp XEA Cashiers 307 Barcode Scanners

Can be used for two receipts.

There is an SD card available in the cashier set to move data

There is bar code scanner connectivity.

Easy program so users can easily mengoprasikannya too.

Equipped with 99 departments and able to cover up to 10 thousand articles with text of 16 characters.

Conveniently displaying electronic journals on screen.

Fast and accurate in in mengentri data with supported barcode scanning function.

Large LCD Display Sharp X5 Cashier Machine 307 Barcode Scanner

From the points mentioned above, the Sharp XEA 307 barcode scanner machine has a large LCD screen that makes it easy to make transactions with customers.

Fast Thermal Printer With Graphic Logo
This fast thermal printer is able to print a proof with an average speed of 12 lines per second. Logo graphics can also be printed to help promote your business.

Easy Transfer With With The Built-In SD Card
The Sharp XEA 307 barcode scanner is equipped with an available SD Card slot. With a capacity of 4 to 32 GB, you can store any data including daily sales reports to electronic journal data. Sales data (CSV file type) can be saved to SD memory card then moved on computer via Excel or other spreadsheet application. Also, various settings can be configured easily by using the SD card. Parameters like store name and logo, department name, product name, sales tax rate, etc. All can be configured on the computer and imported into the machine quickly and easily with the SD card.

Accurate And Fast In Entering Data
Equipped with 10,000 PLUS (lookup prices), the Sarp XE-A307 cash register barcode scanner can make input price information a snap. Just by entering the code or scanning the barcode for the item you purchased, you can total sales with accuracy and speed. A total of 99 departments are also available, allowing you to easily track and analyze transactions with these types of products.

Electronic Journal
Sharp XE-A307 cash register barcode scanner is equipped with Electronic Journal function that can store up to 9,000 lines of transaction data electronically. This can help reduce paper costs and usage. The Display Operator also allows for Electronic Journal to be displayed on the screen.

Drawers With A Lot
The money-saving drawer is designed with space-saving design and provides five bill compartments and eight coin compartments. When not in use, you can lock it.

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