Kodak 305 Driver Download

Kodak and the world of photography are never separated. The concept is also what is now also owned by Kodak 305, smart printer that comes to deliberately segmented for the needs of photo printing. In packing, Kodak 305 does not have a special look with the body of the device in the form of a standard box. Kodak 305 dimension is also not too light with a weight of 12 kg, so if the user wants to Kodak 305 wherever it feels also not easy.

Kodak 305 Driver Download

Kodak 305 does not have a large format print specification if you see the level of resolution is limited to 300 dpi, but for the needs of photo printing 4x6 "and 6x8" Kodak 305 has a very topnotch quality. Kodak 305 print performance is also very satisfactory, imagine in less than 16 seconds the user was able to enjoy his matte photo prints and 11.4 seconds for glossy prints. So whenever the user requires a photo-sized for the needs of passport and important data, the user no longer need to bother to find a place to print.

Not only has a high working capacity, the device from Kodak 305 is also very resilient with the presence of its airflow system is good. Working with high capacity though, cooling system from Kodak 305 can work quickly in reducing the heat of the device with the maximum. Switch to the power consumption of the device, if the user does not use Kodak 305 then the user can activate the mode 'Sleep' which for the user's power consumption only requires a capacity of about 1 Watt only.

Completing all these advantages, Kodak 305 has outstanding prints with the Kodak Xtralife II technology. Kodak Xtralife II is the latest ink technology from Kodak that places high levels of resistance to water and humidity, so if it is stored for a long time the quality of the display will remain well preserved.

Release details

Version: 40
Release Date: November 2016
File Name : KODAK305PhotoPrinterDriver_v4.0_en.exe
File Size 1.52Mb

Operating System (s) : Windows 8(32/64-bit), Windows 7(32/64-bit), Vista(32/64-bit), Win Xp(32-bit)
KODAK 305 Photo Printer Win 8 32bit Driver – Download (976KB)
KODAK 305 Photo Printer Xp Driver – Download (968KB)
KODAK 305 Photo Printer Vista x64 Driver – Download (2.4MB)
KODAK 305 Photo Printer Vista 32bit Driver – Download (976KB)
KODAK 305 Photo Printer Win 7 x64 Driver – Download (2.4MB)
KODAK 305 Photo Printer Win 7 32bit Driver – Download (976KB)

installation Instructions

To install the Kodak 305 Printer Driver, load the version of the driver for your operating system by clicking on the appropriate link above corresponds. A window should then show up you will be asked where you want to save the file. Save the driver file somewhere on your computer where you can easily see the location as your desktop. Then go on the type of file that you downloaded as follows

.exe (executable file)

Go to the location where you saved the file and double-click the file. Then follow the onscreen instructions to install the driver.

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